What To Say In Your Video Testimonial

The video needs to cover these five (5) MAJOR talking points:

1.)Hello, I suffer with chronic debilitating pain daily 

 (You can choose to include your first name or not, based on your discretion. PLEASE do NOT include your last name in your video.) 

2.)My pain feels like this ________________ . “. Get the viewer to put themselves in your shoes, so to speak, and to empathize and be able to relate to your PAIN. Describe your pain so they can envision it.


“I wake up with fatigue, as if I had never slept, my body throbs from head to toe, and my skin burns so bad it feels like I have a sunburn x 10 coming from the inside out of my skin.”

Be descriptive as possible. 

3.)The pain medications that I had been prescribed before the regulations gave me quality of life. I was able to ________________ . 


Garden, grocery shop, exercise, go for a walk, go fishing, vacation, travel, visit with friends and socialize, ect 

4.)The new regulations have inadvertently & negatively impacted my quality of life. I can no longer _________________ . 


Help my elderly parents, watch my grandchildren, get out of bed, ect 

5.) Last, but certainly not least, say this at the very end to wrap it:

Again, I suffer with chronic debilitating pain daily, and we need to:



- - - - - - - - - END OF TAPING - - - - - - - - -