Advocacy Video Example

This video shows the five (5) main talking points necessary to get the message across regarding our need and our RIGHT to proper pain medication.  Take the time and watch the whole video; as it does a great job of showcasing the points that will get the message across WHILE being short, sweet, and to the point.

(Granted, I did go over the two minutes by one additional minute)

One quick note:

If you don't mind, it would be greatly appreciated if we limit (or BETTER YET, NOT USE ALTOGETHER) the word opiate whatsoever.  We can all agree that chronic pain sufferers knows just how helpful and important opiates are in their pain control regimen, however the mass media, along with the politicians have done an absolutely fantastic job at smearing and ripping to pieces the term opiate.  You would think it was damm near blacklisted by now with the way the term has been shamed every which way to Sunday.  

You and I and the rest of the chronic pain community knows different, however, we are addressing JUST THE VERY PEOPLE WHO HAVE BOUGHT INTO THIS TERRIBLE CONNOTATION AND HYPE OF THIS WORD. Thus, it would behoove us to simply use the words "pain medications" in place of the word opiates, It  (a). will avoid any unnecessary & bad stigma associated with our advocacy campaign message AND (b). the words pain medication will serve the exact same purpose, but it will avoid the hysteria over the word opiate.  And (c). the few folks viewing/listening to our message who just may be uneducated to the fact that opioid use does not equate to drug abuse will not walk away from our message.  We need to keep our message positive, on-point, and void of any undue misunderstandings.  

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Hope this makes sense?  

If you do NOT agree with this philosophy, then you may use the word opiate.  I would much rather you use the word opiate should it make or break whether you were going to shoot a video testimonial.    

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