About C.O.R.E. | Who We Are

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C.O.R.E. first & foremost is a chronic pain sufferers support group.

C.O.R.E was formed first by Sheri Owen, the first administrator, followed closely by our second administrator Leslie Shields, a magnificent lady who is on top of the group postings and comments to make sure that everyone stays nice and so that the group stays very cohesive. 

Then, we added Angela Shauna, a group leader through and through. Angela has an uncanny ability to research and dedicate endless hours of the day to our information posting on our group page.  We can thank a large majority of the work and effort that goes into researching new materials for group discussions to her efforts directly. 

Collectively, we have formed a tight knit administrative team, whereby we all bring our unique talents to the table and we compliment each other quite well. We lean on each other quite a bit too, simply due to the fact that we all suffer with chronic pain.  We do have our down days from time to time, but we all seem to manage to pick up the slack when another teammate is down for the count.

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Should you ever have any issues with anything related to our group, you can always feel free to message any of us either on Facebook messenger directly, or by going to our {Contact Us} page and emailing us directly. 

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Our Mission

C.O.R.E was formed to advocate for pain relief rights, to educate & update, to uplift & inspire, to offer hope, to lend an ear, to find forever friends ... & much, much more!

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